Thirstburst Backpack Dispenser

Thirstburst Backpack Drink Dispenser

Thirstburst is a manufacturer of backpack drink dispensers designed to serve a variety of hot and cold beverages at various indoor and outdoor events such as festivals, concerts, stadia, exhibitions and much more.Whatever event you’re organising, find out how thurstburst can make a difference to get customers to experience your products or explore exciting ways to promote your products. Thirstburst offers unbeatable prices, together with outstanding service. Thirstburst Backpack Beverage Dispensers are used for for retail sales as well as providing free samples to introduce new products. thirstburst Backpack Drink Dispensers are used to serve any hot or cold beverage wherever people walk or congregate (stadiums, shopping malls, amusement parks, beach resorts, metro stations,bus stands,trains and railway stations etc.).



Insulated Jacket

304 SS Beverage Tank (3 /5 Gallon)

Branding Insert Pocket on Top & Around

NSF-61 certified dispensing hose with insulation and cover

NSF Certfied Disconnects

Premium Squeeze dispensing valve

Cup Dispenser-Multi Size

Manual Pressure Pump with Manometer


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